ETG have formed a new partnership to offer it’s clients the opportunity to invest in residential property.

Bricks & Mortar
Everyone has head the saying, and there is a lot of truth in it.  But investing in property is no easy task, and should not be taken lightly.  There is a whole field of mines just waiting to expose the inexperienced investor, and the lessons can be very unforgiving.  In recent years there has been a lot of news coverage of have-a-go landlords who have fallen foul or regulations, over-occupied small houses, or rented property without the proper permits and insurances.  That’s why its essential for any budding investor to do their due diligence before committing to buy.

ETG’s new partnership brings together over 50 years combined experience, and with it, a team of experts in all areas of property investment.
The joint venture has seen ETG acquire an already established portfolio made up of apartments and houses, some already set up with HMO licenses.
This investment vehicle is a long term plan with a minimum commitment period and is perfect for a retirement fund or pension.  It is an excellent opportunity for an individual who aspires to be a property investor, but is unable to manage it on their own.  Here are just 3 reasons why many people can not invest in property on their own;

  • Unable to obtain a mortgage
  • Poor credit rating
  • Lack of knowledge

By investing in our property syndicate, investors are able to buy shares in the company which purchases property for cash.  In doing so we;

  • Are able to move quickly when a suitable property becomes available
  • Appear more attractive to vendors who would rather a quick cash sale
  • Achieve a much higher yield when renting the property, meaning a higher return on the investment
  • Can stockpile the rental income to use towards future purchases