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How does it work?

We use our specialist licensed software which automatically duplicates every trade that we take and copies them on to all client accounts.

All clients are required to open their own trading account and deposit their funds.  Account holders are the only ones with access to the funds – both deposits and withdrawals.

Once a clients account has been funded, it is uploaded on to our dedicated server and loaded with our trade copier software.

We liaise with you at this point to configure the parameters to your preference, i.e. risk, trading style, etc.  There is also some simple paperwork for you to complete including a Power of Attorney form which gives us permission to copy trades to your account.

Once all parameters have been set and paperwork has been signed, your account is ready to start trading – the next trade we take will be duplicated on your account.

Once attached to our master account, the Trade Copier will start sending any upcoming trades to all client accounts. The software running on the clients account will check for new trades being sent by the Master  every second, and it will open them as soon as they are received.

All trade settings like take-profit, stop-loss value, and trade expiry time are copied immediately, and all trades are monitored every second, with any trade modifications being applied immediately as well.

That’s it – you sit back and let us do the trading for you.  The link between the accounts is fully automated meaning there is zero intervention required from you.

With a suite of intuitive money-management solutions, our Trade Copier expertly simplifies adhering to consistent risk parameters across trades or customizing them to meet individual financial strategies. Concerns regarding discrepancies in master and slave account sizes are mitigated, as the Trade Copier autonomously determines the optimal lot size for each trade, ensuring equitable risk distribution across all managed accounts. Investors have the flexibility to modify their risk exposure, opt for higher or lower levels, or alternatively, select a fixed lot size per trade. This capacity for tailored risk control underscores our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of investors.

Our Trade Copier also offers advanced reporting and analytics tools, allowing investors to closely monitor their account performance, track profits and losses, and make informed decisions about their investment strategies. This level of transparency gives investors peace of mind knowing that their funds are being managed effectively.

In addition to risk management and reporting capabilities, our Trade Copier also provides expert market analysis and insights.

Watching over your capital

For clients who wish to keep a closer eye on their investments, your account can be loaded on to your smart phone, tablet and PC allowing you to monitor the progress in real time.

You can also place your own trades on the account if you wish.

*Profits and losses from your own trades will not be considered for invoicing purposes.

What does it cost?

There is no set up fee or monthly subscription.
Just a monthly profit share between the account holder and the company, 70% to you, 30% to us.

At the end of each month all account holders receive an invoice for 30% of the profit made during that month.  You can then withdraw profit from your account to pay the invoice, or leave your profit to grow and compound, and pay us from other sources.

In the unlikely event that we don’t make a profit, there are no fees to pay.

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